Why Us?

  • The patent registration process is shorter in the US, partly because the patent examination regulations do not allow for more than two “ping pong” rounds between the inventor and the Examiner. We have developed a practice of visiting the Examiner for a face-to-face interview in his office in the US Patent Office. Over the years, this practice, has brought the examination to a practical level, enabling direct presentation of the unique features of the invention, which is effective to convey the message and provide a basis for claim amendments, to reflect the joint recognition of the invention by the Examiner and the patent attorney, allowing for a professional, successful conclusion and patent registration.
  • Since we have in our team both US Patent Attorneys and E.U. Patent Attorneys, we can provide worldwide services directly with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and European Patent Office (EPO), which means that we don’t need any middlemen – thus saving our clients both time and money.
  • We can request advancement of examination (including PPH&GPPH)
  • We provide services in commercialization of IP rights-licensing
  • We assist clients worldwide in establishing and obtaining their intellectual property rights
  • We help to build your IP portfolio
  • National stage filing based on PCT
  • We handle oppsition procedures if these arise prior to grant
  • We handle compulsory license procedure if 3rd party requests this
  • We provide services in commercialization of patent rights-licensing
  • We provide Due Diligence opinions for investment decision
  • We provide litigation services for enforcement of IP rights