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Welcome to the website of Langer & Levin, Advocates and Patent Attorneys , specializing in Intellectual Property.

With the increasing level of global harmonization in the development of intellectual property law, it becomes ever more important to obtain patent protection for commercially valuable inventions, to realize the investment in technological research and development efforts, driving rapid expansion of global markets.

We act on behalf of inventors, law firms and patent attorneys worldwide, providing direct representation before the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) as well as the Israel Patent Office (ILPO) and the European Patent Office (EPO), in addition to other patent offices worldwide through our extensive network of professional agents. Our services include filing patent applications, PCT International and national stage applications, and the continued prosecution necessary to achieve registration.

Our drafting and prosecution expertise and wide-ranging technical capabilities serve your interests with excellence.

In the following pages, you will learn about our services and the technologies we handle.

As you may be aware, Israel is noted for its Hi-Tech industries. There are now more Israeli-based technology companies traded on US stock exchanges than any other country besides the US and Canada. Therefore, filing in Israel strengthens your worldwide patent portfolio.

Israel is rated 4th worldwide in the number of patent applications filed per capita, and the number of PCT applications filed in Israel has increased six-fold in the last six years.

Building on the strength of our 30 years of experience as a patent attorneys in the US and Israel, the services of the office offer you the combined benefit of our capabilities in handling technology-related, legal and commercial matters.

We would be very pleased to represent your patent requirements and look forward to hearing from you in that respect.

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